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Picket Lines and Trail Rides go together...and sometimes, picket lines and wrecks happen.


Our EZup picket lines are designed to help eliminate the wrecks and give you peace of mind. 


Your horse can pull his head down to eat, drink, or lie down; and the line will retain it's tension and strength; even when he stands up again.

YOU can put up this picket line easily.  Specially designed hooks and ratchets allow an 'EZ' setup.  Strength is not the issue - anyone can use the ratchet to tighten the line.

It is not necessary to secure the ends of the line 'sky high' to keep from drooping.  It will bounce back after being pulled.  Our picket line will not sag, if put up properly.

We  have sold many picket lines over the years.  Here are a few comments:

Made of STRONG 1" nylon strapping 53 feet in length.  Includes 2 tie rings that can be adjusted to any position before line is tightened; and will not move after tightening.

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